photo by my dearest:  Alyssa McElheny Photography

photo by my dearest: Alyssa McElheny Photography

About Mayden

I'm a PNW chick.  The connection I feel to creation when I'm in the mountains is unparalleled.  Earthy, organic, awe-inspiring natural beauty is the foundation of the Mayden concept.  I'm a natural light photographer and I love film.  I incorporate those lovely film tones into everything I shoot and like to keep things as natural and romantic as possible. 

Where did the name Mayden originate, you ask?  Well, I'm also a lover of word play.  I can't help myself.  The name Mayden developed as a tribute to my maiden name, Erika May DenHoed.  I fell in love with this combination for many reasons.  First, it sounds natural, part of the maker's culture, homemade if you will.  Second, it will always stand tribute to this adventure, my maiden voyage (told you I can't help myself) of pursuing photography and never looking back.  

If you want an example of the Mayden style you can check out this video by Forestry Films documenting the day I locked down the best life partner ever, my husband Stephen.  As a note to all you brides-to-be:  I've been there. I've been through all the planning; I've had to make all of the choices; I've created all of the schedules. I get you. I know all that a wedding day is, and I want you to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I will bring all of that knowledge and understanding to my work on your day. You can relax. I've got this.  

About Mayden Photography

About Erika

Hello! I'm Erika. Nope, not Mayden - confusing, I know - but if you're curious about where the name originated, you can read below.  I laugh a lot.  I hug everyone I'm introduced to.   I live my life seeking joy; I choose it everyday. I'm a thinker.  I'm a reader.  I'm a perpetual learner. I'm an oo-er and an ahh-er.  I get excited about anything I can because I know life is more full when you're excited.  I'm saved by Grace and, though I stumble every day-every hour-every minute,  I choose to live my life for the Lord. 

I go after what I'm passionate about, and for all eyes here, that's photography.   I could write this about page in 18 different ways because that's how my brain works (trust me, I've actually thought of all 18 of them),  but to serve all of our purposes here best, I'll try to keep it to the basics.  Photography is where many of my interests collide-mostly beauty, nature, people, nostalgia.  People are the most interesting subjects in my life - photography and otherwise.  In a very real, non-cliché way, I want to know you and I want to know what makes you tick.  When you work with me, I want to know what you love, what you want, where you struggle, where you've been, and where you're going.  

For me, photography is this intersection where I can most effectively interact with the beauty, nature, and people around me.  I get to use this medium that is directly tied to the ever elusive "present moment."  Through being emotionally invested in whatever story is on the other side of the lens, I'm able to uniquely capture my surroundings and somehow make something intangible, tangible. 

And that's my promise to you.  I will give you my all.  I will be emotionally invested in you and your story, your love, and your joy so that those ethereal present moments I capture, you will forever be able to enjoy in the future.  

-Erika Griffith