Kristen and Andy's Wedding || Black and White

Don't you just love the classic timelessness of a black and white portrait?  I've never been more happy with a set of black & white images from a wedding than I am with Kristen and Andy's.  

They are two of my favorite people and I will give you the whole story when I show you their whole wedding next week.  It is absolutely beautiful, so (rightly so) I'm having a hard time narrowing it down and curating a blog post at the moment!  After many failed attempts and curses at the internet, I decided that while I'm in Chicago for my wedding tomorrow that I would try something new and just post this very elaborate teaser of all of my favorite black and white images from their wedding!  I loved them so much I felt like they should get their own post.  I can't get enough of them.  But don't worry, once I'm back in Seattle to my nice high-speed internet, I will dedicate my time to giving you the whole story in black, white and color!   Getting awesome black and whites is something I'm always trying to get better at so I'm curious to know which ones are your favorites!  Leave a comment with your vote! :):) xo -E